Toy sharing subscription also gets bigger in Japan market

As several article describes, toy sharing subscription business gets bigger in several regions over the world.

It also gets bigger in Japan market as we provide service “Toysub!”.
We started this service in 2015 and there were few customer at the first phase.However, we now ships over 10,000 boxes, 60,000 toys, to happy 2,000 customers! We believe this model will fit Japan market as well as US.
2015 is about bloom year of subscription business in US market but it was quite few service in Japan.

Time flies,there are several consumer sharing-subscription business in Japan market in several industry.

Here is top subscription service providers in Japan market.
aircloset – fashion subscription for women.160K free and paid customers
Laxux – luxury bag subscription for women,300K free and paid customers

Other services are also unique.
airroom – Furniture subscription service
Casie – Art rental/subscription service

We see some area of consumer business will be replaced by subscription based/oriented service.How big it will be? This answer is still unsure for everyone,but founders have strong confidence to make it happen.

Really interesting facts.Biggest consumer subscription business are fashion and women targeted sharing-subscription.For sharing-subscription business,we think selection of the market is very important – market’s pains are below.

1.Space killer.If you live in the big city, our space is limited but items kill space in the house.
2.Sleeper in the space.Almost the time it is inside of storage,closet,somewhere in the house.
3.Lifecycle.It sometimes change by customer needs, trends,growth(of body or age)

If sharing-subscription market fulfills above conditions, this will fit customer needs and be good business.

We found there are issues in family purchase behavior about toys selection and purchasing because I’m father of 4 kids, many friends said “We buy toys for a moment – they will not be interested in soon.” Why? We waste a money to stores? This shall not be – so I consider to change toy purchase behavior with sustainable way.

Below is fundamental asks and expected answers. If your answer is Yes, then it is fine, great.
1.Know your baby needs? Almost the time answer is NO. And baby gets growing changes their need for toys.
2.Have enough spaces? For cities like Tokyo,Osaka, answer is NO. As same as US, city’s living space is getting smaller recently.Our home does not have enough space to store the toys!
3.Do you want to spend a lot of money to toys which will not be required then baby gets growing? I guess your answer is NO. We are clever and select the area which needs purchasing or just using.And millennials have mind-set to not waste things if possible,I believe.

We decided we provide toy-sharing subscription in Japan market and now is the age we are getting bigger.
Our uniqueness is selection on our end to fit baby’s month-age,preference,environment of home. We store data of what month-age of baby likes what type of toys.This is toy big data which never happen in the world.

We believe our service provides not only economical benefit to parents but also environmental,educational benefit.

We are now starting fund raising to become biggest toy-sharing subscription service provider in Asia,please contact us if you have interest to invest to us.

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